Wednesday, February 13, 2008

playing and (some) sleeping

it has been so cold and wet this past week that we've done lots of playing inside. william and wes are starting to enjoy playing together. i take that back...wes loves to play with william and william's toys. william sometimes likes to play with wes. and, he's not real big on sharing his toys! here is wes eyeing one of william's trucks.

this is william's "touch my truck and die" look...along with his "you can't be serious about sharing" look.

and, here is wes sticking his chest out and letting william know that he is not going to push and bully him around anytime in the near future.

but, it did get a little warmer outside one day, so they ventured out into the backyard for a few
hours. (sanity for mom.)

one of my favorite times of day is right before the little people's bedtime. it's probably a combination of things...fresh smelling kiddos, anticipating two hours to myself, and quiet in the house (as long as you don't count the golf channel blaring in the background). but, it is also one of wes' best times of day. he's so content to just hang out upstairs in his pjs. and lately he has gotten the hang of standing up for a few seconds. he'll let go of the wall and just stand there looking so proud of himself. (it looks like his hand is on the wall, but it's not....bad angle, i guess.)

we've also been having some trouble with william and the nights. he thinks it is so cool to get up and turn on the lights in his room and play after we put him to bed. he's not unhappy in there or anything, but i don't really think a 2 year old needs to be playing at 10pm or 4:30am (which is what time he thought was appropriate for getting up this past sunday). he was having the best time reading books in those early hours. i do not intend to ever get up that early, so every night since then when he goes to bed we cut the breaker off to his room. works like a charm. but the kid is not stupid. as soon as he sees light coming in from behind his roman shade, he gets up and opens his blinds so he can see to read his books. thank goodness i don't live in london or alaska!

i went up to check the air during naptime this weekend, and i guess he was so pooped from getting up so early that he fell asleep like this. at least he likes books!!


Anonymous said...

ok- that is hilarious about the breaker.... so something frank or i would do. don't mess with mama's sleep baby!!

Rachael said...

cutting the breaker! good idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the updates. You are a good Mom!! G

Ms. Linda said...

I absolutely LOVE these boys!!!!!
Ms. Linda

Lance and DK said...

not worried in the least about wes taking care of himself. william you better watch out! also, maybe william is going to follow in the footsteps of his english teacher grandmother kakki. it hard to find something better than a good book and getting comfortable for a good read. love my boys. kakki

Heather said...

That is so precious!!! I remember a time when Ben was about the same age as William. One morning around 5 o'clock, Shannon and I heard something in the living room. I got up to find Ben lounging on the sofa, snacking on a box of Wheat Thins while watching the Outdoor Channel!!! (Shannon was so proud to see he was watching deer hunting!)

Marty Cooper said...

I love the looks William is giving Wes. So funny! I'm so glad he's a reader!