Sunday, February 17, 2008

happy birthday, knox!

this week, on tuesday, william's buddy, knox, is turning the big 3! we got to help him celebrate a few days early this past saturday at GO. the kids had a blast running, jumping, bouncing, sliding, hula-hooping (kind of), rope swinging, rock climbing, and getting their faces painted. william was a little hesitant at first. actually, there was music overhead, so as soon as he stepped on that springy floor the first thing he did was bust a move. (the kid can't help it. if he hears music, he has to dance. it totally justifies why we sit on the very back as not to disturb anyone while we're getting jiggy to the tune of amazing grace.) anyway, it didn't take long, and he was out there sweating with everyone else. there was something for everybody...even wes wanted in on the fun. and, if all that playing weren't enough, a monster truck cake and ice cream made a good party even better! thanks, rusty and candace, for a great time. and, i'm sure i'm not the only parent who appreciates the great night of sleep that followed! i've posted some party pics below:

knox trying to fly

knox and william jumping
wes dancing
gracie conquering the ladder

collins making the ladder look like child's play
mont showing off his skills
luke looking as cute as ever
martha stewart painting william's face
knox getting his face painted (she's no martha stewart, but she'll do)
janey beth looking pretty
knox making a wish
mary blake and collins putting the hurt on some cake
ben polishing off his plate
harrison not letting any of his cake or ice cream go to waste


Sarah Brashier said...

So, I'm Martha Stewart, huh?? I officially dub you the Martha Stewart of blogland - i am so inept at all of this! Glad I made the cut for the Henson blogspot - what an honor!

Anonymous said...

What a great entry..I am honored we made the blog..Thanks for coming to the party..we were glad your whole family could be there...have a great day!! Candace

Anonymous said...

I am sure you put this on your blogspot just for me!haha Pics are precious...enjoyed getting to visit with you.

Rebecca said...

What fun! I loved getting to see sweet little Ben and Luke!

Mandy said...

I'm glad to hear that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. William gets his "getting jiggy with it" honestly...if I need to refresh your memory, let me know.