Thursday, February 14, 2008

clean teeth

william had his first dentist appointment today. much to my surprise, it went very well. he teared up a little right when he had to lie back and open his mouth, but it didn't last long. he was so cooperative and opened his mouth wide for the "dentist man" to "scratch" and brush his teeth. he got a great report, a free ice cream at chick-fil-a (seems a little ironic coming from a dentist, doesn't it?), a toy alligator, and an elmo sticker. needless to say, he's ready to go back to the dentist.

i took my camera so i could get a before and after shot thinking that they would be drastically such luck.

Before: very interested in this "roller"

After: showing off my clean teeth

i'm a little worried about wes' first appointment because i feel like i got off way, way too easy for a first time visit! we can only hope they are all like this (because who can turn down free ice cream?)!


Lance and DK said...

thought i would remind you that william's first visit to the dentist was nothing compared to his mama's. you screamed like a banchi and it took the hygienist to hold you down while dr. smith tried his best to get a look in your mouth. was not your best moment of toddlerhood. i loved you anyway and still do. mama

Anonymous said...

i guess we really did get all of those dinos out of his mouth when we brushed. now, if wes doesn't jump out of his bed like his daddy did and break a tooth, we can look forward to his checkup and a little ice cream (i bet G would take him to the dentist for you and get a cone also) honey