Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm a fish!

last summer, william started swimming with a program called ISR. they teach kids as young as 6 months how to survive if they were to fall into the water. he learned their "swim, float, swim" to float in order to breathe and then swim towards the wall/ladder/steps/dock/whatever, float, swim, etc. you get the picture. anyway, he has been doing the winter refresher course this week, and he apparently still remembers how to do it. he really enjoys it. once we got past the first 2 weeks last summer of screaming like a wild monkey, he's been great. he loves going to the pool. he gets in and floats and jokes around with miss jala. it's really amazing to see my child do this. she can throw him backwards in a flip, and he'll just pop right up to a floating position. the first time you see your kid do this, it's just a total "wow" moment! i've tried to post a video below of him swimming (1st video...not sure what i'm doing). maybe you can see it.


Anonymous said...

This is great ! G

RGinaK said...

I think you're absoulutely fantastic at "blogging". I even feel better about myself on being able to find it! Thanks so much for sharing William the Fish on the blog. I can't wait to see him again. I think of him so often about repeating everything Jala and I said to him last year in his compromishing position! I can tell he is really growing up.
Regina Cooke

Rachel said...

i am more than impressed.
rachel a