Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here we go......

well, after much harassment because my mother had a blog and i didn't, i have decided to give this a try. if you are reading this, you more than likely know that i am an idiot when it comes to technology. so, if something looks wrong or stupid, please feel free to tell me. of course, then you will probably have to tell me step by step how to fix it!!

let me see if i can provide a worthy update of life over here. william got potty trained over christmas! (can you hear the hallelujah chorus in the background?) it seemed as if everyone else around his age at our church has been potty trained for forever, so i finally bit the bullet and did it. with the help of some Cheerios (for target practice), M&Ms, Junior Mints, Rice Krispie Treats, and stickers, he got the hang of it fairly quickly. that's not to say that it wasn't the most frustrating thing that i have ever done in my life! i'm pretty sure about that, and i don't envy anybody that has to do it!

his imagination is still running wild. right now, he likes to stand on the couch and yell "attention, everyone!" before diving onto his bean bag on the floor. i have no idea where this comes from, but he is all about it. he also likes to pretend that he is someone new every day. he'll tell you who he is in the morning, and then he pretty much only answers to that name all day long. he has been bailey (our neighbor's dog), diego, boots, and his favorite of late, anthony dixon. when he is anthony dixon, he has to wear his MSU football helmet 24/7. his aim is bad enough, so please imagine what the bathroom looks like when he tries to pee wearing a helmet! thank goodness for clorox wipes!

wes is crawling these days! he actually just got the hang of it. he has been fairly mobile for a while, but it's been more of a squirmy roll thing with a spinning on his stomach to get where he wanted to go. william better watch out! he can pull up on stuff, too. somehow, he figured out how to do this before he learned how to crawl. to say that he loves to stand up would be an understatement, so i had him pegged as one of those kids that never crawls and just goes straight to walking. chase disagreed, and i guess i lost that one!

we also have a new tv at our house....one of those big, flat ones. and now, instead of the basic 50 channels that you get with comcast, we have 900+ with direct tv. and you can be sure that we have every sports channel known to man! however, even with all this high def stuff, the local channels still don't have a signal that is clear enough for chase's satisfaction. so, he has been talking to frank montgomery (who has apparently succesfully rigged up his own tv), and they have decided that we need some sort of antennae on our roof. from there, you can split some wire and drill a hole in the brick wall of my house (um....no) to run to the tv to make the local channels better. let's not forget that i already have a black tv cable tacked to the brick and running in front of my fireplace (very attractive!) because i wouldn't let the direct tv man drill a hole in my outside wall. anyway, i don't think frank or chase could be considered "handymen," so i'm a little worried about all this talk! i can only hope that the weather will heat up, he will forget about the tv, play golf, and my house will stay in one piece!


Margaret said...

Most impressive. And I look forward to your moral and technical support when I -- someday -- endeavor to blog!

Lanny said...

I am laughing out loud at William's "character of the day" episodes. You are too funny. So glad you are blogging. I will enjoy keeping up with the Hensons through your blog. Good for you!!!

Kathryn said...

I am so impressed! You're definitely moving up in the world. I am laughing at the boys and all the cute things that they're up to, and can relate to the TV sagas - we're having a bit of that at our house as well. Keep up posted on all that's going on!

Frank and Ginger said...

SO sorry that frank had to let chase know about the 'hole in the wall' stuff.... yes we have one and yes our nice decorative black wire runs thru our playroom. nice.
glad you joined the blogging world!

Callie said...

you are hilarious. i am loving the personalities that William adopts. I'm guessing that this dixon person is a football player?

Lance and DK said...

way to go kiddo!!! i'm proud of you. i knew you couldn't stand me getting ahead of you, my being an oldtimer and all. looks great!! how do i get the hit thing loaded on????

Holly said...

I'm shocked! Didn't you call your mama a "dork" when she started her own blog? Anyway - it's awesome, very funny. I'm glad you took the plunge, and I'm looking forward to updates. Please tell kid dynomite that I'll call him whoever he wants to be, and give Wes a big hug from me too. Go wes! Love ya'll! can't wait for more updates. Holly

Marty Cooper said...

Ok, your mom is awesome for having a blog! Also, I love William's identities. I'm glad he's so creative. Your blog is great. Keep it up!

Connie said...

this is great,Laura. I barely can
send email, I can't scan a document
to an email and i don't know how to
paste and do whatever with it.
Keep up the good work. I'm the one
who needs the computer help.
I enjoy hearing from you so I can see
pictures of the boys.
Keep in touch.

Connie Gustavsen, your aunt in Brandon

Missy said...

Thanks for sharing this with me. William is a character. I love it when he is in the MSu mode. William is a delight to be with. I am so glad he is in my class. I have no idea how to do a blog. Good for you. I have to get my fifteen year old to help me with the computer.

Heather said...

So glad you started a blog. It's such fun. And now I'll be able to keep up with you and your little men.
"You know you're living in the era of technology when you live right across the street from each other and read one another's blogs to stay updated!"