Thursday, May 11, 2017

wes is 10!

today, the middle man turned 10.  10 years went by really quickly, but i'm really enjoying each stage. well maybe not that first stage when all he did was cry.....but most everything after that has been pretty cool!!

 he wanted to make his own cake, so he got to work a day early!

he was all smiles as he woke up to presents and donuts this morning!

he spent the afternoon playing with new toys.

we usually go out to eat wherever the birthday person wants to go, but since daddy is working tonight...d'casa will have to wait until tomorrow night!

this is what i posted this morning in honor of the birthday boy:

this guy. this guy turns double digits today. it seems like not that long ago that he was crying. that’s all he did for the first 6 weeks of his life. cry. i was ready to give him away. not really….but, kind of. and now he’s turned into the most laid back kid on the planet, and i wouldn’t trade him in for anything! he’s smart, determined, and if it gets quiet…’d better go check it out. we could have named him george because he’s as curious as they come. every drawer, nook, and cranny will be searched in any new place! he loves MSU, the dallas cowboys, the celtics, baseball, d’casa, anything with sugar, dak prescott, steph curry, and his dog. he can build anything out of legos, he knows the NFL backwards and forwards, and he’d win a gold medal if the ripstik was a sport in the X games. he loves playing golf with his buddies, having his back rubbed, listening to 80s rock, playing sorry, having nerf wars, and beating his brothers at anything! he is an expert at getting stitches, and there is no tree, table, mailbox or other person that is safe from his hard head! he has enviable handwriting, can memorize anything, but doesn’t care for homework unless it’s reading. he loves to read. he will eat anything and everything except eggplant and quiche. he couldn’t care less if his clothes match, he doesn’t like drama, and he doesn’t like his hair to be too short. he doesn’t brush the back of his hair because he “can’t see it so it doesn’t matter.” he loves to sleep, and he likes the temperature to be in the arctic range while he does so! he is the most observant person that i know. he can tell you if a flower has bloomed since yesterday, that shirt you are wearing is new, something is in a different place, a person got a haircut, or daddy changed out the shoestrings in his golf shoes. he notices everything! along those lines, he senses the needs of others and is quick to offer a hand. he loves to pick out the perfect gift for someone! this kid has a big heart, and i can’t wait
to see what the next 10 years bring. 
happy 10th birthday, wes!!!!

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