Monday, May 15, 2017

field trip season

it always happens that everybody has field trips all at the same time.  i don't know why they never get spread out over the entire year, but it seems like each kid has field trips in the same week.  i didn't go with william to the ole miss baseball game, but he liked that much better than the ballet that they attended!!  even if it was ole miss!  ha!

wes' class took a trip to the pink palace.  they had a scavenger hunt to find different things in the museum, and they finished in record time.  just turn anything into a competition, and these boys will get after it!

reed's class went to healthworks!  they reinforced everything they had learned about the body, and we also learned reed gets his flexibility from his daddy!

and now we are in the final countdown mode.  just a few more days until summer break!

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