Saturday, May 28, 2016

gumtree 2016

we were all over the gumtree this year.  it started when i opened up the paper on friday and saw the littlest henson staring at me!!

all of the lee county schools submit entries into the poetry/essay/narrative categories, and reed was chosen as the 2nd place winner in the kindergarten poetry contest.  his buddy won 3rd place, and they both won cash prizes!!  walt whitman and robert frost better watch their backs!!  these two are on their tails!

on saturday morning, william and wes ran in their first race ever.  it was a 2k, and i had absolutely no idea what i was doing.  i don't understand sports that don't have balls involved.  they were lucky that we got the number pinned on and found the starting line.  after they started, i had to ask where the finish line was, but i found it!

they weren't nearly as confused as me, however, because they rocked it.  there were 161 people in the 2k race, and william came in 3rd.

wes was right behind him in 5th.

this was not at all what i was expecting.  i didn't know they could run at all!!  and since i'm clueless, i didn't know i was supposed to start a timer or even look up at the clock at the finish line, so i have no idea how fast they ran it.  but i do know that they thoroughly enjoyed their post-race snacks!!  and now that i'm a veteran, i'll know to put on my tutu with my neon, knee high socks and blue wig to cheer them on next time!  (and i just thought baseball people were crazy!!!)  :)

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