Wednesday, May 18, 2016

crossing the finish line

what is it about the last few weeks of school?  oh my word.  we are hanging on by a thread.  reed finished up today, and i may have heard a hallelujah chorus a time or two!!  but we had fun getting here!!

i made my 438th trip to the buffalo park a few weeks ago with reed's class.  i'm pretty sure i can recite the whole story of the buffalo park as told by the tractor driver, i know all the animals' names and where each is located, and i really don't have to ever go back again!!  but this kid loves it!!

then we finished up the third and final creation board for learning fair!!!

we celebrated mrs. vaughn's retirement with an awesome party at church!  it's sad to think that she won't be at school anymore, but i know her grandkids are going to benefit greatly!!

(this might possibly be the best group of moms to work with ever...minus two who didn't make the pic!)

and today mrs. vaughn conducted her very last awards day!  reed walked away with the awards for reliability, self control, the art award, most pages read in the reading contest, most bible verses read, and all As.  i think he gets it from his mama!!  :)

and this guy got to begin his first day of summer doing one of his very favorite things!!!

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