Monday, April 6, 2015

flat stanley takes on atlanta,

and one learning fair project is done for the year!!

wes made a flat stanley for his first grade learning fair.  he then shipped him off to atlanta to spend some time with his two cousins.  they took pictures with him at different places around atlanta and then sent him home.  wes learned about all the neat stuff they did, and then he put together a scrapbook detailing what he had learned and where all flat stanley had been, along with a board that hit the highlights.

one learning fair down, two to go!!

as you can tell, he's not all that into projects or making it look fancy.  glue the picture on...done.  but that door in the background gives his board a little extra flair!!  :)  and i have to throw out a big thank you to cousins ariana and alexandra for showing flat stanley around atlanta!  he said y'all were awesome hosts!!

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