Thursday, April 16, 2015

field trippin' with the kindergartners

field trip season has arrived.  i have no idea why we cram so many field trips in during the last few weeks of school, but we do.  and i usually end up with a car full of boys.  that's cool with me, because if i had talk about princesses or sing "let it go," i might get fired as a field trip driver!  

we visited the wtva news station and learned all about how the news works.

i think most of it was over their heads, but they did love the green screen and getting to see themselves on tv as weathermen!

my future news anchor!

we also visited the airport to learn about a few different types of airplanes, and we got to go up into the control tower.

we visited the fire station, and learned how to crawl under the smoke and out of a window.  but the coolest thing was watching the ladder go up on the truck and watching the fireman race down the fire pole.

and today we went to a local dairy farm.  this was really neat.  we got to see how they milk the cows, and where they store the milk.  and then they got to play with some animals and some farm equipment!

and now i need to go look at my calendar to see what's up next...

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