Wednesday, March 25, 2015

life has come full circle

chase and i have spent a lot of our lives on a tennis court.  so, it's pretty fun to watch our kids start to get into the sport.  william played in new albany this weekend.  he won two matches and lost two matches (both of those in a 3rd set tiebreaker).  the doubles got rained out, which he was super bummed about, but we did get to play with our fun new albany cousins while waiting i think you can declare the weekend a success!

he obviously has a long, long way to go to be as good as his daddy, but some of their mannerisms are the exact same on the court.  and with the long, skinny legs, he sometimes looks just like him out there.  it's a little surreal.  now if he proposes to a girl on the tennis courts, my head might explode!  :)

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