Friday, March 13, 2015

a short SEC tournament

chase and i have ventured to many SEC basketball tournaments over the years.  that used to be the one trip that was written on our calendars years in advance.  we used to go to every single session, watch every single game, and cheer hard for our bulldogs who won many of those tournaments (or at least made it to the finals).  this year, we decided to take kids for the first time.  and well....our team is not too stellar.  so, we only got to cheer for one game, but nashville kept us entertained nonetheless!

we line danced at the wildhorse saloon.  some of us have a little better rhythm than others!!

we partied the night away at dave and buster's.  as an aside, i really think they should provide free tylenol for all adults!  good grief.  or maybe the tylenol just needs to be for me.  chase seemed to somewhat enjoy racing little people!

we also spent quite a few hours at the adventure science center!  they were the perfect ages for this place, and they were highly entertained!

and we actually did get to see some basketball.  it didn't turn out the way that we wanted, but cotton candy was involved.  therefore, all was well!!

you can't leave nashville without eating at the pancake pantry, so we hit it up on the way out of town!

maybe next year, our bulldogs will recruit a shooter or two to give us a chance at hanging around a little longer.  but if not, i'm sure we won't turn down the opportunity to go play in nashville for a few days!

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