Wednesday, July 2, 2014

park and rec

baseball season officially ended a few weeks ago.  we had a fun spring on two different teams!  william was on the consolidated pipe rockies.  they really came together as a team, and they won their last game in the tournament with only 7 players (because others were on vacation), but they had to forfeit the win since they didn't have the required 9 players.  so our season ended...but at least it ended on a win!

wes was on the lost pizza pirates.  we decided that's probably the coolest little kid baseball team name ever.  and they were pretty good, too!  they made it to the finals of their tournament.

and reed.....well, he just hung out all year.  but this little guy will get his turn next spring.

and mama has no idea how i'm supposed to manage three different kids on three different teams!  tips are welcome!

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