Thursday, July 31, 2014

8U state meet

william and wes both competed in the 8 and under state swim meet a few weeks ago.  i have already mentioned my complete ignorance when it comes to swimming because i didn't grow up doing it.  but i'm learning, and our new, awesome aquatic center makes it a little more fun to figure out than sitting out in the heat or in the bubble cave that used to be over the old pool!  there were teams from all over the state (biloxi, hattiesburg, vicksburg, jackson, the delta, and several others that i never did figure out).

each team had their own bullpen.  here we are waiting after warm-ups for everything to get started.  you can't tell, but they are completely fired up!  ha!

wes swam the 25 free and the 25 backstroke.

i was too slow to get a picture of his name up on the board after his events.  but i did manage to capture a smile after he was finished.  

william swam a relay (i don't remember which one....whoops), the 25 free, the 25 and 50 backstroke, and the 25 and 50 breaststroke.

relay....i think it was the 100 freestyle.  i didn't even realize he was swimming a relay, so i was caught off guard.

25 freestyle...(4th place)

50 backstroke...(2nd place)

he also swam the 25 and 50 breaststroke.  he kept telling me that this was his favorite stroke.  he came in second in the 25 and 4th in the 50, so i think that maybe i need to believe him!

i'm not sure if this is a sport that we'll stick with or not, but they have had a good time this summer.  an awesome facility and great coaches (thanks, miss walker!) have made it fun.  and next year, reed will be old enough to join in!  that is still to be determined if that's a good or bad thing! ha!

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