Tuesday, July 9, 2013


the littlest little person turned 4 today.  our day started super early when he walked in our room and tapped me on the face at 5:50am.  why do they never walk to the side of the bed where daddy sleeps?  anyway, he's been proud to tell everybody that he is 4.  and when you tell him not to do something, he replies with "uh-huh i can.  because now i'm 4."  this should be fun.

i think you can only be this happy at this hour of the morning if it's your birthday!!

we started out with presents at the crack of dawn.

he's all ready for school now!!

william and wes were really sweet this year and spent their own money to buy reed some legos and and some lightning mcqueen goggles!

after all the presents were opened, we sang happy birthday and ate cupcakes for breakfast.  reed preferred to just eat the icing.  and since he's 4 that's what he got to do!

we got a little swimming in, along with some chick-fil-a and some mexican.  turning 4 is a very busy business!

happy 4th birthday, reed!  feel free to sleep in a little tomorrow and recover!!  or at least walk over to your daddy's side!!  :)

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