Sunday, July 7, 2013


the 4th of july has come and gone, but we had fun celebrating with supper, games and fireworks at TCC.  well most of us had supper.  i'm pretty sure wes ate one bite of chicken before filling up on every type of sugar he was able to find.  nothing says happy birthday america like sno cones, cotton candy, and ice cream, right?

sam and wes

noah and william

william wanted his teacher from this past year, ms. dickerson, to join us for the fun.  and that sweet lady tagged right along with us!  :)

knox, ms. dickerson, and william

noah, william, and clay

 reed and james.  these two are a mess.  maybe i'll get a decent picture of them in about 3 years!

this had to be the cutest thing i saw all night.  mason sat like this for 30 minutes before the fireworks started, all during the fireworks, and he probably slept like this that night.  i told his mama to save this picture for his wedding.  and maybe when he and his bride leave their reception, we can skip the fireworks and just wave sparklers!

mesmerized by the fireworks!

we're already ready for next year!

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