Thursday, June 20, 2013

first tournament

william played in his first golf tournament last weekend.  he wasn't out there as a single golfer, though! it was a father/son tournament, so he had a pretty good partner to play with!  

he was really excited when it was over, and he made sure he told me that he hit his tee shot over the water on #8!  and also, "there is this girl.  and she just drives around and hands out powerades!!!"  he's in love with the cart girl already!!  

they finished in 4th place out of about 12 or 13 teams.  considering that the families who finished in front of them can lay claim to club champions, state am champions and collegiate golfers (in the SEC, no less)...i'd say 4th place was pretty awesome for their first time out!

i sure do love my golfers.  and i love seeing them out there together.  here's to many more rounds!!!

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