Thursday, February 14, 2013

his first lead out

y'all remember having lead out before the big dance in high school.  everybody is all fancified (is that a word?), parents are all crowded around with cameras, and each couple walks out to an introduction.  i'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about it.  i've played in tennis matches and basketball games with tons of spectators....that's different.  please don't ever put me up in front of a group of people and make their eyes look at me.  stress me out!!!  today for valentine's day, the first graders got to experience that!!

it seemed to me that all the girls really loved it.  all the boys, however, weren't loving it so much!!  :)  but they did look cute!

william and ella

william, ella, and will

knox and william (" this over yet?")

a seriously cute rehearsal dinner picture for at least one of these boys!  jack, knox, william, and noah

i can say that i'm very proud of the fact that i'm now just one of those parents with a camera!!  happy valentine's day!

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