Thursday, March 15, 2012

x we come!

i'm a little partial to the idea of sitting on the side of a tennis court watching my kid play, but wes may have other plans for me.  he is all about his scooter.  and he's pretty good at it, too.  last week, i took him to the skate park for the first time.  he was the only person there, and he thought it was the greatest thing ever!

i took william's scooter (for me) just so i could keep up with him while we made our way around the lake over to the skate park.  let me preface this by saying that i can function quite well on a scooter myself.  however, i was perfectly happy sitting in the bleachers and watching him conquer all those ramps.  i'm a flat ground scooter rider.  but he wasn't going to be happy until i raced him "down this ramp, around to that one and then up that one.  first one there wins.  go!"  so there i go.  i'm just glad you didn't read in the newspaper the next morning "mom of 3 breaks neck while at skate park."  who knew those ramps were so slippery?????  i made it halfway up one of them and stuck my foot out so i could just walk up the rest of the way.  yeah...did i mention they were slippery?  all of you moms planning on riding your child's scooter up a ramp at the skate park, take a note....those ramps are slippery!  thankfully, i didn't end up back in surgery or with another cast of some sort.  but i did learn my lesson....the bleachers are a great place for me!!

wes, on the other hand, may be doing tricks off of those bleachers.  i have to get a tennis racket or golf club in his hands ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

I knew he was destined to be a "boarder".