Friday, March 30, 2012

learning fair 2012

today, the K4 - 2nd grades showed off what they had learned this year.  there were tri-fold boards with everything from creation to abraham lincoln to babe ruth to legoland.  there are some smart little people running around at this school.

reed and anne reece got there early to check it all out.

(i've never thought of reed as a "big" kid.  anne reece is 4.  he's 2.  maybe she's just little!!!  or else i have a giant on my hands!)

and in the process, he found the "chicken nugget cows" and demanded a picture.  he loves him some chick-fil-a.

william with his board, brother, and friends....

wes' class didn't brave the chaos of the gym.  they just showed their dinosaurs off in front of their classroom.

these kids all did a great job, but man...i'm glad i'm through with school!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day. Good job little people. Honey

Anonymous said...

I like this school!

Heather Wood said...

Ok, I love how Knox has the perfect Bible grip and pose of a pastor. I see a mini-Bill Bradford in the making right there.