Sunday, January 22, 2012

still awesome

this post was supposed to have been done earlier, but i got stuck.  in a book.  i know...i hear the jaws dropping right now.  i'm not one to get lost in a book.  it usually takes me forever to finish one, if i ever finish it at all.  i have driven my husband and mother crazy because i have no problem reading half of a book and not finishing because i'm not interested or don't like it.   but i started reading Unbroken, and i could not put it down.  wow.  go read that one.  (if a book recommendation comes from my's got to be fairly decent!!!)

anyway, last weekend we all went to the delta to celebrate some awesomeness.  if you recall, last year about this time we went to jackson to have a reunion and celebrate with chase's undefeated high school basketball team.  this year, it was my turn to celebrate with my undefeated people!!!  (i wonder how many husbands/wives can both claim that?!?)  15 years ago, these mustangs claimed victory every single time we stepped on the court together.

we knew each other inside and out, and we could have conversations with each other without saying a word.  it's unreal how much time we spent together.  so, it was kind of surreal being back to together with all my peeps...and all the children that have appeared!

we hung out for an hour or two before the game.  i have bunches of pictures of each individual family, but i'll skip all those for now.  (email me, leave a comment or facebook me if you want your picture, and i'll get it to you!!)

after a down-to-the-last-second win over the raiders from jackson academy, we all went out on the court to be introduced.  it was fun to be back out there with my team even if we weren't in uniform!  and after 15 years, i came to the conclusion that we are still just as awesome as ever!


Anonymous said...

Great looking group!

Anonymous said...

And who is the little girl fussing at reed while his two brothers stand by and watch? Honey