Friday, January 13, 2012

curiosity killed the cat.

that didn't happen over here, though.  my curiosity led to pure awesomeness.

a few days ago, i came across something on the internet that caught my attention.  i'm not a do a craft/science experiment with your kid kind of person.  it's just not in my genes.  most of the time.  but this was too cool to pass up.   all that is needed is a bar of soap and a microwave.  you interested yet??

i have no idea where i saw this, but just let it be known that i am not the maker upper of the soap cloud.  however, i am now an expert soap cloud maker!

cut a bar of ivory soap into fourths.  i don't know why it has to be ivory soap, but it does.  and i do know why it has to be in fourths...just trust me here.  the website where i saw it said to cut it in fourths and not put a whole bar in the microwave, but i never said i wasn't stubborn.  cut it in fourths, ok??

then, put a fourth of the bar on a paper towel, and microwave it for a minute.  bam!  super excitement!!

excited about their soap clouds for bath time tonight!

most science experiments give some sort of conclusion or reason as to why the experiment happens like it does.  i have no conclusion.  i just know that it is cool to watch it grow, and it makes little people smile!  go try it!


Anne Flanagan said...

Cool! So, you microwave one-fourth of a bar of Ivory for 60 seconds, correct? Fun bath time incentive.

Anonymous said...

Cool! G

Elizabeth Pegg said...

we tried this today! the best thing ever. My kids were squealing :)