Friday, September 9, 2011

i finally got to go.

last weekend, we made a quick trip to jackson for honey's birthday.  tropical storm lee made sure we stayed indoors the entire time.  that nixed the golf that chase had planned with his dad, but it gave william and wes the perfect opportunity to take me to the mississippi children's museum while reed slept one afternoon.  i say that they took me because they've been four or five times before.  this was my first time!  and they made sure to show me around and point out their favorites.  

way to go, mississippi! it seems like the media never has many good things to say about us, but this place is something we really can be proud of!  my little people are looking forward to taking me for my second visit.  and i'm hoping that the velcro wall will be open that time....maybe they'll need an adult to try it out!

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Mandy said...

Did you go down the "tootie" slide?