Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day #1

after weeks of screaming "i go to school!" when william and wes get out of my car in the morning, today was finally reed's turn!  and he was excited about it.

at least until he got out of the car in the carpool line.  he obviously didn't realize that mama wasn't going to go "play trains" with him.  but, his teacher said that he didn't fuss long.  once she asked him to come build a tower and play trains, he was a happy camper.  so much so that when i picked him up today, he sat down on the floor and said, "no...reed's school!"

now that he knows the routine, i'll be interested to see how day #2 goes!  whatever happens, thankfully it doesn't take long for him to get back to his baseline of "happy"!!


Anonymous said...

Well he sure looks excited. AND CUTE. Honey

DK Baria said...

i know he goes for just two days, but how does it feel to have all three in school? quiet?!!!!!!