Saturday, July 31, 2010

last hoorah before school starts

we headed back down to the beach last week to chill for one last time before school starts.  william starts KINDERGARTEN in 10 days!  and i'm trying not to think about it.  i'm not ready for that milestone quite yet. 

the first morning, the little people were itching to get out there and play!

and yes, wes made sure all of his cars were lined up perfectly as soon as we came back to the condo!

after a brief rest, we headed out to ride go-carts.

there was more pool time.

and ice cream. 

and extra, extra long bedtime stories.

more slides. 

and time spent chillin' on the lazy river.  

and of course, reed wanted to be just like his brothers!  it didn't matter if he was in the pool or not!

my people are pool people...obviously.  but since we were at the beach, we decided to actually go to the beach at least once while we were there!! 

and reed liked the giant sandbox!

wes got wet within 2 seconds of being there. 

and this was about all mama was able to get with the uncooperative people that she brought to the beach!

but we did manage to kinda/sorta get a family picture while we were there.   

see that kid in the middle??  did i mention he's going to be a kindergartener? yikes...mama needs another vacation.


Anonymous said...

Look's great!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Honey

Paige said...

I cannot believe he is starting K. I promise it will be okay. Does he go 1/2 day or all day? Is he excited about going? Good luck and I love the pics! Emily said we would have to drive to CA if we went to the beach now and that is one reason why she liked NC.

Leigh Ann said...

I'm praying for you's not easy! But I'm thrilled to report that day 2 was a breeze!