Saturday, July 10, 2010

birthday boy

what a great first birthday reed had!

he woke up and got to drink his morning milk on his very own bean bag!

he got to open presents throughout the day!

he got his first taste of ice cream!

he patiently waited on his cake...

and then wondered what in the world he was supposed to do with it?!?

but he soon figured that out!


then he watched while his brothers "helped" him open presents!

and then he just decided to take his toys and run away.  

but he did get a little worried when grandmother looked like she was going to slip out the door with buzz lightyear! 

but now that all of his toys are put away just like he wants them, he is sound asleep.  as are the other two.  guess where i'm heading?


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday party. I wish you many many more. Love you Reed. Honey

Leigh Ann said...

Happy birthday, Reed!