Monday, June 22, 2009

ode to chase

yeah...or not.

my husband is always making fun of the "tributes" on other know, the ones where there is a whole post dedicated to the husband/father saying how wonderful they are. let me make it clear that i have nothing against those. but if you've had a post like that, he's probably read it and made fun of you. just so you know! he says he doesn't get why you don't just tell him in person how great you think he is rather than posting it on the internet for random readers.

with that in mind...i'll skip the sappy, emotional, you are the greatest husband/father ever in the history of the world post that i had planned. don't laugh. y'all know i'm all about some sappy, emotional drama.

instead, i'll just share some pics from our father's day!

if you'll think back to last month, you may remember the orange, monster chicken that was my mother's day portrait. i wasn't letting father's day go by without a portrait. so here is william displaying his hand-drawn portrait of his daddy. sadly, it actually looks a little like a human.

"my daddy has a big, circle head, long arms and legs, big feet and a little belly." at least the description was fairly accurate!

"i love my daddy because he sings songs and plays football with me and eats peaches." never underestimate the power that peach-eating gives a father.

after cards, presents and church, william wanted to make his daddy some cupcakes. i'm not quite sure that anyone outside the family would want to eat these with all the finger-licking that went on during the decorating process, but they are tasty nonetheless!

wes agrees...

after naps, we spent the afternoon at the pool. and on the couch watching the u.s. open.

then daddy ended the day by reading the little people a bedtime story.'s to you, chase! you're the most wonderful daddy that 2 (soon to be 3) boys could ever ask for. with you as my husband, i could....

oh, sorry! i was getting a little carried away. what i meant to say was...
Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

i admit - he is rather good at this job. you have some luckly little boys at your house. honey

Lance and DK said...

i agree with honey; he is the best! and, my favorite son-in-law. kakki