Thursday, February 19, 2009


chase and i got to get away for a day and go to memphis to the st. jude tennis tournament this past weekend. honey came up and kept the little people (thanks, honey!), so we could enjoy a sporting event without carrying along marshmallows, raisins, pretzels, goldfish, suckers, sippy cups, and spending much $$$$ at the concession stand to keep them entertained! while we did enjoy the sampras/hewitt match, i didn't quite know what to do with myself since the 80 year old woman beside me sat relatively still and didn't need me to take her to the bathroom. good thing, too, because she was a rebel, and i totally would have passed on that opportunity.

anyway, while i was there, i noticed a few things that got me to thinking:

1) if you are a spectator at the tourament, is there really a need to wear your tennis shoes (i'm not talking running shoes...i mean wilson brand tennis playing shoes) or your tennis skirt with matching shirt/sun-visor/socks/jacket/jewelery/etc.? do you really think the line judge is going to stop play and ask you to come on the court and show off your skills? do you really think anyone else at the event cares that you play tennis? trust me...if i have a chance to watch pete sampras run around a court or you...i'm gonna go for the guy that's actually won a few majors.

2) why does a 50 year old man feel the need to shove 10 year old kids out of the way to get an autograph? seriously, what are you going to do with that scribble? go home and frame it and put it beside your bed so you can kiss it goodnight every night? can you please let the kids be the kids and have fun with their oversized tennis balls and sharpies without getting knocked to the ground by the likes of you?

3) why is it so hard for a group of people to walk? i mean, they open the walk in. keep moving, people!! stop lolly-gagging around! the preggo woman behind you has to GO TO THE BATHROOM, so please get out of the way!!

4) corky's has some really good bbq were right, jenny ruth!

so, there you have it. if you need any more assistance with your etiquette at these types of events, please let me know. my hormonal, preggo self will be glad to tell you how it is!


Lance and DK said...

it is so nice to see that you enjoy commenting on the things that give you pause for thought, whether you are pregnanat or not. the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! love you. mama

The Putnam Family said...

hee, hee! i may go this weekend. i'll be sure to wear my maternity tennis skirt...that will really get the heads to turning ;)

Jen said...

the 50 year old man was Tim's dad...but it's a great autograph for Tim's junk room (i mean sports room)...seriously, and he's almost 60.

Lisa Trotter said...

Funny and observant post!!! McLean and I had our very first date, 13 years ago, at the Memphis St. Jude tennis tournament. We saw Sampras/Rusedski - and that was years ago!!! Wish we lived closer and go with y'all!! :)

jessica said...

seriously...laura...might have peed in my pants.