Saturday, October 8, 2016

my last trip to the pumpkin patch

this week was historical.  i think we should all take a moment and honor what took place.  maybe we should make it some sort of holiday.  because y'all....i did it.  i made my last trip to the pumpkin patch!  i am somewhat of a pumpkin patch expert.  i've been to every single one within a 100 mile radius ( fyi...holley farms is the best, but it may have closed), and reed's class made the trip to my least favorite patch.  but i persevered, and it actually turned out to be great.  for the first time ever, we went early in october.  therefore, we were the ONLY school there.  this is huge!!  AND, it wasn't cold.  can i get an amen?!?  there have been times when i've been walking through a muddy field with little people who have snot frozen to their faces all the while i couldn't feel my toes.  those were fun times, but i was thankful for the sunny and hot weather this go around!!

this place cracks me up.  they have this bench and sign set up for pictures right when you arrive.  but we always arrive in the morning, and this set up looks directly into the sun.  it just doesn't work.  but we tried...

we played with the chickens and goats, we bounced in the bouncy houses, we played putt-putt, we played on the playground, but we did not ride on the train.  they got rid of the barrel train.  it's tough times we are living in when there's no more barrel train at circle Y.  however, we forged ahead. 

we fed the fish, and we passed by the tractor trailer full of store bought pumpkins on our way to the field where they tossed out a few of those pumpkins for us.  the kids were none the wiser, but hey...i could feel my toes, so i was willing to overlook it!!  :) 

on the wagon with weston...

got the perfect pumpkin...

so see?  it wasn't my favorite place, but we had a great day!  and, we got plenty of smiles from the little people.  however, mine was probably the biggest!!  :) 

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