Monday, September 5, 2016

the beach

no....we didn't go to the beach for labor day.  once again, back when summer was still a thing we went to the beach.  seeing as how labor day is officially the end of summer (and when i believe that we should start school...ahem), i thought i might need to post about one of our summer getaways.  i still have a few more summer posts, but i guess one is better than none!! 

so.....back in june, we hit the road and headed to the caribe.  it's been a few years since we've been there, and wes really wanted to go back there for the slides, pools, and lazy river.  we had a great condo, and we made use of every inch of water that place had to play! 

first night tradition...cobalt!

crab hunting experts!  (reed actually didn't care too much for the crabs...he kept his distance!)


i promise they went down this slide no less than 500 times.  i'm talking hours, people.  and they smiled every single time!

of course we had to play putt putt while we there.  this is serious business.  if you think there aren't 4 unhappy losers when this is over, you don't know us very well!!  ;)  i was actually just glad to make it out of there without a snake bite.  we had to avoid a snake on hole 13!

and there were go-carts!  always go-carts!


we ate like kings while we were there!  i happen to think that's the best part of vacation!  but lartigue's is always a highlight!  (i don't know what reed is pouting about here, but he loves their shrimp, too!)

did i mention that we played hard??

we only had one morning of rain while we were there, but we made the most of it at one of those trampoline places.  chase hates these places.  all he sees are broken arms.  i call that job insurance!


thankfully, the sun came out that last day.  so we made a few hundred more trips down their favorite slide! 

hurry back, summer!! 

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