Thursday, June 30, 2016

park and rec

we had a great park and rec season this year.  we had some fabulous coaches and made some new friends (kids and parents), and we only had to deal with a psycho ump one game!  win!!  

wes played 2nd for his team (the lost pizza dogdgers). 

home run ball!

william pitched some for his team (the athletics), and he also played third and short. 

(got the strike out!)

reed's team was the cardinals.  they didn't have positions, so he played everywhere!  but he'll tell you that his favorite place to play was 2nd base and pitcher!

all of these pictures of reed are before his cleat fell apart and he played the rest of the season with it duct taped together with neon orange tape.  poor third kid.  once the hand me downs make it to him, they are really broken in!!  ha!!  :) 

see ya next year, park and rec!

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