Tuesday, March 1, 2016

rainy, random tuesday

you see that solar system?  isn't it pretty?  i have to say that i was a little bit excited to finish the third and final solar system!!  ha!  although, it is kind of easy when the third time rolls around, and you know exactly how to go about it. reed made sure that each planet was painted just right, and he was quite proud of his work.  until.....he came home talking about another kid's project in which the sun was a lightbulb "that actually turns on and the planets spin around it!"  yeah well.  mama's never been known for that right side of the brain stuff.  at least he knows his planets!

G's birthday was in february, and we could not let it go by without some baskin robbins. 

i like to shoot, but i do not like the cold.  so, i'm quite thankful for poppas that will take my people into the woods.  apparently william let a big one get away back in january, but maybe he can get his revenge next winter!

i looked outside the other day to find a backyard X games competition going on. 

wes and knox are the daring middle children, and i'm not sure that they should be allowed to hang out together.  wes might be needing his 5 set of stitches if they keep this up!  but they did at least grab a baseball helmet.  safety first!  

after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, i finally bought a new dishwasher.  i do hate to spend money on appliances.  joyless spending.  anyway, we had magnets of the united states and word magnets on our old dishwasher, and reed was putting them all on our new one.  this was his first sentence.  should i be worried?

happy march, y'all!!!

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DK Baria said...

Since I am not on Facebook read on your blog. I am sooooooo disappointed that I didn't get to help with the solar project!!That is an awesome pic of Knox and Wes. The girl is hot! Hmmmmmmm