Saturday, January 9, 2016

star wars

i will admit that up until christmas break, i was one of the 4 people on the planet that had not watched any of the star wars movies.  this highly disturbed several family members and one next door neighbor who was ready to stone me.  so in an effort to make things right with the world, said next door neighbor let us borrow his collection, and we had a star wars marathon. 

once again, i will admit that after watching some of them i may have made a comment or two about the crack smoking genius with major issues that came up with this storyline.  because....weird.  however,  i did actually enjoy them (although i don't really have to watch them again), and i did particularly like the focus on relationships between father/son/grandfather.  plus, chewy is pretty cool. 

to finish off our marathon, we hit the theater for the newest movie in the series, the force awakens.

i was disappointed in luke's role in the new movie.  and i thought it would have been better if rae had been a boy (in keeping with the way the story was written).  however, those crack smoking geniuses didn't ask me!!  but it was entertaining, and the door is now wide open for them to have 15 more movies.  and now i am caught up with the rest of the world, AND i'm back in good graces with the family and the neighbors!!  winning!

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