Sunday, August 23, 2015

birthday weekend

william turned 10 a few weeks ago, and we celebrated the double digits in style!  we started out the night before with hibachi.  that never fails to bring a smile, and they never fail to clean their plates!

then we woke up to presents and cake!

we won't discuss the cake that was supposed to be blue and orange on the outside and chocolate on the inside.  (it was vanilla on the inside, and can see that an all white cake is somewhat close to blue and orange, i guess.) oh well, they never turn down cake for breakfast!

at the top of his wish list was a TRX.  it's pretty cool, and we have all enjoyed it! (his brothers also gave him that jordan speith hat.  maybe his golf game will improve a few strokes with it on!) 

after cake for breakfast and a quick workout on the TRX, we headed to memphis to the bass pro shop at the pyramid.  i've been to bass pro shops before, but this one was a boy's dream! 

of course we stopped everywhere that we could shoot stuff!  


and this place had the coolest bowling alley that i've ever seen!

 we took a trip to the top before we left to check out the view of the mississippi! (the sun was a little bright, so i didn't exactly get picture quality faces!!) 

it was a fun day celebrating 10 years of william...redneck style! ha!

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