Monday, July 6, 2015

baseball 2015

well this year we had 3 different kids playing on 3 different teams in 3 different areas of the park.  it was chaotic!  thank goodness for friends that text and tell me what is going on while i'm across the street watching somebody else!

wes was on the dodgers.  they didn't dodge a whole lot of losses, but they had fun! 

reed was on the lost pizza team.  they don't keep up with wins or losses, but he'll tell you that they won every game!

i'm pretty sure he just wanted to play baseball for the snack after the games!

william played on russell orthodontics.  they struggled a little bit, too....guess it wasn't exactly our year!!  ha!  but he played 2nd base every game, and he turned out to be a solid 2nd baseman. 

of course no season would be complete without pizza and trophies at lost pizza!  at least for the 5 year olds!  

i'm looking forward to next season when we will all at least be on the same side of the street at the park!  but i need 9 months off to recover! 

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