Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the tabernacle

i don't pretend to understand the score keeping in william's sunday school class.  there are several different teams, and they earn points for different things.  i think making a tabernacle was extra credit, but william and clay went upstairs one afternoon and knocked it out.  and i have to was pretty impressive!!

the tabernacle...

the priest...they informed me that his breastplate would only hold two jewels, but they knew he was supposed to have 12!

the alter of burnt offering is behind him.

the bronze basin...the blue lego is the water!  

the lamp stand...

the table of showbread...the 12 loaves were inside the table for transport purposes!

the alter of incense...

the ark of the can't see in there, but they included the ten commandments, aaron's staff, and some manna.

props to these lego-building boys who have obviously been listening in class!!  

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