Friday, August 15, 2014


it's hard to believe that i have a kid in the last year of single digits!  it seems like not too long ago that chase and i were leaving the hospital with our very first little person.  life moves fast, people!!!  

william had a busy day today turning 9!  

presents, donuts, school (with chocolate sprinkled donuts), tennis,  and hibachi with friends followed by ice cream was pretty exciting!  he was pumped to be 9! 

it was pretty funny to sit there and listen to these guys giggle and fall for every joke that our cook told.

and every one of them was unable to catch flying food in their mouth.  mama and daddy were the only ones at the table able to do it.  obviously we are lacking in this very important life skill.  we'll have to start practicing at breakfast tomorrow.  what a shame!

and, what's a birthday without baskin robbins??  (reed would be the kid with only a cone because he doesn't like ice cream.  i can't even pretend to understand.)

happy birthday, william! 

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