Tuesday, January 7, 2014

back at it

there's nothing that welcomes you to the new year and back into the routine like looking at the thermometer to see that it is 7 degrees outside.  poor william was outside at 730am (without my knowledge) trying to do his chores.  i heard him hollering "this windex just won't work!!"  it was kind of neat to watch it turn into a powdery substance, but it was not neat enough that i cared to stand out in the 7 degrees and watch it.  i made him come in and put the vacuum in his hands!

anyway, with all the frigidness in these parts, we have had to find to something to do.  you can only play legos for so long.  so we spent a whole lot of time at the library during the last week of christmas break.  william found an old mystery series, and he worked his way through that shelf.  wes cleaned them out of all the frog and toad books, and reed knows right where to go to find his favorite froggy books.  i even managed to make it through a novel or two.

one of the best parts of library day(s), is the snack afterwards.  chips, rotel, and tea from pepper's is never a bad idea!

we started back to school today.  and while everybody at our house is glad to be back into a routine, i think i might miss my library sidekicks.  and i guess i'll have to get that snack to-go this week!  happy 2014! 

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