Saturday, November 16, 2013

it's shoebox time!

the beginning of the season for us is always marked by filling up our shoeboxes for operation christmas child.  my kids each get a box of their own.  they get to shop for a little boy their own age and fill it with the things they choose.  there are always plenty of cars and peppermints and balls and toothbrushes and squirt bottles (why are those so infatuating to my kids?).  and it never fails that wes tries to put a gun of some sort in the shopping basket.  i tell him every year that "but it's nerf" is still not an acceptable argument.  rules are rules!! nonetheless, 3 little boys in some other part of the world should have a smile on their faces come this christmas.  we pay online, so we can track our boxes.  we look forward to seeing to what country our boxes are shipped.

if you are interested, there's still time left for you to make a little boy or girl's christmas a happy one!  click right here to read more about operation christmas child and get your own box!

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