Tuesday, March 29, 2011


a few mornings ago, william and i were sitting across the table from each other eating breakfast.  he was eating his cereal and reading the comics while i was eating my toast and reading the sports page.

william:  "mama, what does whore mean?"
me:  choking on my breakfast..."what?!?"
william:  "whore.  what's it mean?"
me:  "what are you talking about?  where did you hear that?"
william:  "on your shirt.  it says happy whore."
me:  "no, bud.  that's hour.  happy hour."

and now my favorite shirt has a whole new meaning.

(and miss dennis...you've still got some work to do!!!)  :)


Edi McIlwain said...

That had me spewing coke out of my nose. Thanks Laura!

Lance and DK said...

just shaking my head at the fact y'all are reading at the table while you eat. then at william's inquisitive nature. kakki

Jana said...

no way!!! nice. gotta love their understanding of things...and how they hilariously modify ours!!

Heather said...

Ha!! That's hysterical!!

Leigh Ann said...

HA!!!! Hilarious!!!