Friday, March 20, 2009

boys' night out

this past week, the globetrotters came to town. chase decided to take william, and they had a blast. well...william had a blast! chase said it wasn't as exciting as when he was a kid. apparently, grown men running around in stars and stripes acting goofy while dribbling a ball isn't his cup of tea anymore!

but, the little one couldn't quit talking about it. he got home and could hardly go to sleep with all the "and you know what?" talk. he has since learned to dribble, and while he hasn't perfected it...he's quite adamant about lying down and trying to spin the ball on his tongue. (at least that's what i think he's doing.)

those tickets have been well worth the week of entertainment that i have received as a result. i can't wait until the next globetrotters session! and, i'm pretty sure there's a little person here who feels the same way!

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Lance and DK said...

hola from amdrid! looks like the globe trotters were a hit. everything over here is about nadal and tennis or futbol! weather is great here, too. love ya´ll and will see you soon. kakki